The 2020 iWDC Exhibit

The iWDC showcases the outstanding website created by students in 2020.

How is your university life?

The beginning of being a student in a university that is full of excitement, novelty, learning, freedom of thought. Adapting to a new larger society and 3 things that must be encountered when being a student in a university With the experience that he has never experienced as a high school student.

Theme Category Outstanding
Ms. Praewpan Sangsirikul
Faculty of Mass Communication Technology
Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
Student's Life in University

Because it's a special day, with a special natural smile

At Natura, we can help you keep your child's important growth forever. With a growth trajectory full of smiles in the living room, we will leave pictures that will make your family smile.

Free Category 1st Prize
Hokkaido Information University
Natura's feelings

Let's challenge Rubik's cube

Have you ever done a Rubik's Cube? I think there are many people who have tried it once, such as trying to kill time when they were young. However, there is an image that the Rubik's Cube is difficult and difficult, and I think that there are many people who do not reach the completion of 6 faces even if they try. However, that's not the case, and in fact there aren't many steps to do, and it's fairly easy to complete. So, on this site, I would like to complete the Rubik's Cube, such as those who have done a little from inexperienced people, but for those who do not know how to do it, I would like to tell you how to capture the Rubik's Cube in an easy-to-understand manner.

Free Category 2nd Prize
Hokkaido Information University
Rubik's Challenge

Team introduction

Ebetsu City connects Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, the home of Yosakoi, with a friendship city. It is said that Ryoma Sakamoto, who was born in Tosa, said that his hometown was "true (it's a really good place)" during the tour of the countries . By using this line of Ryoma in the team name, we thought that it would be an exchange of culture between the northern land and the southern country, and "Ebetsu Makotoe" was born. As the oldest regional team in the YOSAKOI Soran team, we will continue to raise the lantern, which is the symbol of the team, and evolve to become a team loved by everyone.

Theme Category 2nd Prize
Yuki ITO, Yuki OKUBO
Hokkaido Information University
YOSAKOI Dance Circle